CEPH X-ray

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Ceph X-Ray

Ceph X-rays are commonly used to:

  • Explore possible TMJ concerns
  • Assess the reasons behind excessive tooth misalignment – particularly in cases where an overbite or underbite is present
  • Diagnose suspected tooth and/or jaw fractures
  • Obtain precise measurement of teeth, including their root structures
  • Plan for orthodontic work

The Ceph X-Ray Process:

Concentrating on the patient's profile — or side view of the head — the x-ray technician positions the patient to produce an optimal view of the skeletal structures that the dentist wishes to examine. After only a few minutes, the Ceph X-Ray machine produces high-resolution images of the jawbone, teeth and soft tissue in greater detail than regular x-rays can produce. The dentist will calculate how the patient's jaw and the surrounding bone will be affected by orthodontic treatment and have a look into the growth pattern of the jaw and teeth. This can be used to determine potential courses of action and routes of treatment. 

A Ceph x-ray may be taken at Total Health Dentistry as part of your orthodontic treatment plan. Call us at 239-334-0037 to schedule an appointment.